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Running A.T. Full Speed


One Man's Journey To Do The Impossible

Drew Burnett has two passions in life.


Running and Adoption.


For years these two things never seemed to have much connection to one another until recently. Last year Drew discovered the Village of Eden, an organization dedicated to helping the 5 million orphans who live in Uganda. Inspired by the staff and volunteers of the organization Drew and his wife Amy along with their son Malachi plan on moving to Uganda next fall to serve the children of Uganda alongside the staff of the Village of Eden. But before he does, he decided he wants to raise $100,000 for the Village of Eden.


That is when his two passions collided. What if he could run the Appalachian Trail, one of the most well known trails in the US, as a way to bring awareness and support for the orphans of Uganda. The A.T. Stretches 2,180 miles from Maine to Georgia. The elevation climbs and drops over 80 miles, 40 times more than Mount Everest. Drew has decided to take off Sundays as a day of rest. That means to beat the record he will have to average 54 miles a day, just shy over 2 marathons a day.


Can an amaeteur endurance runner beat the A.T. Speed Record?


Follow the film to watch as one man attempts the impossible for the orphans of Uganda. 


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