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Running A.T. Full Speed


One Man's Journey To Do The Impossible

Ryan Simmons

Director | Director of Photography


Ryan Simmons has been an avid film lover and storyteller since he was a little child. His first short film premiered to a packed auditorium and kicked started his career in filmmaking. Since that first film, Ryan has gone on to win prestigious awards at the Cannes International Film Festival and the NYC film competition The Christophers Award. Ryan produced, directed and shot with his wife, Helen Simmons, the short documentary The Water Story, which tells the sad truth of Africa's desperate need for clean water. Ryan holds a graduate degree in business from Berry College and is the owner of Brand RED, a production company based in Georgia.

Ross Spinks

Executive Producer


With over a decade of production experience, Ross has produced hundreds of commercials, television specials and short films. An experienced and accomplished line producer in commercials, Ross has been a part of national campaigns for Bridgestone Golf, The U.S. Army, Coca-Cola, the NBA, the PGA, Under Armour, Smith & Wesson, Cartoon Network, Sundance Channel and DirecTV for Triple Horse and other production companies and networks.


Ross has transitioned to feature films and most recently completed production as line producer on the upcoming 2013 release, A Cry for Justice and an associate producer on the short, John Henry and the Railroad. 

Todd Laberge

2nd Unit Director of Photography


Todd begin his filmmaking career shooting for multiple YouTube channels. What started as a hobby grew to a passion and soon to a career. A professional editor and camera operator by trade, Todd brings an artistic style to his work that is not often seen in today's media.

A self taught filmmaker, Todd's work has been seen by more than five hundred thousands fans across the globe. An avid social media content producer, Todd's blogs, videos and photos are regularly retweeted, followed and shared.

Stephanie Morris



Bringing a strong passion for serving the needs of third world countries, Stephanie is dedicated to seeing Running A.T. Full Speed make a difference in the lives of orphans in Uganda. Stephanie believes that films can take people to worlds outside of themselves and see and feel other people's experiences and emotions.


A graduate of Berry College, Stephanie has helped produce multiple industrial and commercial productions.


Jeff Walsh



A true storyteller, Jeff has edited 100s of industrial and commericial projects during his career for major Fortune 100 companies, including Arby's, MedAssets, Merck Pharmaceutical and GE. An experienced VFX artist, Jeff has worked on major studio feature films, including the remastering of Titanic in 3D.


Jeff graduated from the Art Institute with a degree in visual effects and motion graphics.



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