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Christmas Update

Merry Christmas from the Running A.T. Full Speed team! We hope this update finds you well and enjoying the holidays.

It has been roughly four months since we finished the trail on top of Springer Mountain. It has been a whirlwind as we have gotten back into our regular schedules. Our apologies for not giving you, our amazing supporters, an update sooner.

As soon as we got back, our editor, Jeff Walsh, began going through the hours and hours of footage. We are not sure on the exact amount but there is close to 150+ hours of raw footage, potentially even more. I'm sure Jeff will be glad to give us an exact number once he has had the "pleasure" of looking through all of it. Ha ha!

Progress always feels slow at this stage of the editing process since at this stage it is just finding all the pieces of the story. Nevertheless, progress is going really well and we are very excited as the film takes shape.

We have also been working on the score and original music for the film. We are excited to have Hannah Ausband on our team as our composer. The Appalachian region and the trail itself has such a distinct sound that we can't wait to incorporate a great Appalachian soundtrack to the film.

We have had a chance to start working on a couple teaser trailers for the film. One of our aerial shots we were able to capture and another of our time lapse photography. Once those are finished we will send them to you all so you can get a little taste of what is to come.

Thank you again for all your amazing support! As we look back on the crazy adventure that was the Appalachian Trail, it is even more obvious now than it was when we were still on the trail how important all of you are to the success of finishing the trail and making this film.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

The Running A.T. Full Speed Team

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