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Our Awesome Sunday

I feel like I should start this update with the classic TV opener, "When we last left our gang, Drew was out of money and the whole journey looked like it might come to an end unless God provided $10,000 in 24 hours."

On Sunday morning we all woke up and went to breakfast. Helen had found a $2.99 breakfast deal in town and we all felt if this was the end than we might as well enjoy a nice meal. As we drive back to the campground, we discuss the different options for our trip home. Would Drew want to see the highlights of the rest of the trail, would we want to film the highlights of the rest of the trail even if he didn't, or would we all just want to go straight home and get those shots later.

When we get back Drew calls a friend who had texted wanting to talk. Drew had sent out an email in the morning letting his supporters know the situation. I grabbed the camera and started filming him. I could only hear Drew's side of the story but it sounded good. His face quickly gave it away, something really good had just happened. He hung up and told me that they were donating $5,000 and said that no matter what they didn't want Drew to quit. In one phone call, $5,000.

It was the craziest thing I've seen on this trip yet and an obvious answer from God that He wanted us to keep going. By the end of 24 hours after Drew's first email, $8,900 raised. 48 hours after the email, $10,000. In less time than it would have taken us to drive home God provided the entire amount of money Drew needed to keep going. It was absolutely crazy and incredible to witness!

Monday morning Drew set out to run again and ended up getting his first 50 mile day, 53 miles! Incredible! Of course, at the same time that Drew was getting his biggest day yet and God was providing $10,000, Todd's Mazda breaks down and needs a new alternator. But to be honest, that is how it has gone out here the whole time. Amazing miracle, obstacle, amazing miracle, obstacle. So at this point it actually just made me laugh because of how predictable it was.

Drew is full steam ahead and we are planning on filming him all the way to the end. Drew crosses the halfway point this week and I can't even imagine what will happen on this next half, but we will make sure to have cameras rolling the whole time so we can share it with all of you when we are back.


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