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The Production Blog

I have always loved when filmmakers give transparency to their films. It is always so fascinating to see the behind the scenes to all the magic that is filmmaking. But now as a filmmaker, I love the behind the scenes information even more because although the behind the scenes on the 'magic' of the special effects or vfx (visual effects) are still really interesting, the behind the scenes on the organization, planning and leading of a film project is even more interesting.

One of my all time heroes of behind the scenes transparency is Peter Jackson. Ol' PJ has made some AMAZING behind the scenes DVDs with his Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Watching those felt like a film school education in and of themselves. With his newest Hobbit films, Jackson has done a Production Blog.

Well we are no where close to the same level as Peter Jackson, but in the true spirit of transparency, we want to do the same. Hopefully something can be learned from our experience in making our documentary that others can use in making their own.

Filmmakers helping filmmakers, it's a beautiful thing.

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